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Wednesday, December 22 2010

You probably already read our previous article posted on here titled “Direct mail beats Email marketing”. Thank you for send us all input and thoughts. This time we are outlining which business are best candidates to use direct mail. Generally all business can benefit from a direct mail campaign, but some businesses can benefit more than others. For example a restaurant can benefit from sending out postcards or their menu to the neighbors. Based on the customers’ experience they will either come back or decide not to. If the customer repeats the business then the return on the investment for the direct mail campaign will be much higher. The same is the case for example for hair salons, flower shops, etc.

But as we mentioned before certain businesses will benefit much better from using direct mail than others. These are businesses that offer either an expensive service or a service that has membership. For example, dentists and doctors, one visit from one patient might pay for the whole cost of the direct mail campaign. Yes, to cover the full cost might mean subsequent visits and follow ups. More visits or more patients or customers will only mean an amazing return on investment. Other businesses like private schools are also ranked among the top business to use direct mail, because one enrollment will mean, month tuition of about anywhere between $300-$1200/month. This enrollment can ago on for 3-10 years. Same with gyms where an enrollment could be about $50/month and can go on for 10-12 years. Simply any service that requires monthly charge will be a very good candidate for direct mail. We will leave the rest up you to imagine what to do with your next direct mail campaign.
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